May 2019 through May 2020

A time of united, informed prayer for the largest gaps in work among the unreached!

Join prayer networks around the world in prayer for God’s blessing through Jesus to be embraced among each of the 400 largest Frontier People Groups (each over 500,000 in population).

Each day, learn about and pray for one of these group through the coordinated publication (email and smartphone App) of:

  • Joshua Project’s Unreached of the Day
  • Frontier Venture’s Global Prayer Digest

Less than one person in 1,000 identify with Jesus among Frontier People Groups (FPGs), and there are no Jesus movements among them.

Without laborers from the outside, they have no chance of hearing about and coming to follow Jesus before they die.

These 400 largest Frontier People Groups contain:

  • 1 in 5 of all people alive today (more than all of Africa).
  • 1 in 3 of all who don’t identify with Jesus.
  • 9 of every 10 who live in Frontier People Groups.

Your prayers are vital to ending this Great Injustice.

Invite others to join you in:

  • Praying through the Pray for the 31 – Prayer Guide
  • Preparing for the international Day of Prayer for the Unreached
  • Participating in the global Year of the Frontier Prayer Movement
  • Partnering in prayer with field teams through Inherit the Nationsring for the Global Outreach Day 2020 (The culmination of the Year of the Frontier)

Jointly sponsored by the

  • Alliance for the Unreached,
  • Joshua Project,
  • the Global Prayer Digest,
  • and many global prayer networks