Frequently Asked Questions

A people group is a network of families seeking to preserve their generational identity through intermarriage and maintaining traditions that distinguish them from other people groups.

Frontier People Groups (FPG’s) are people groups where less than one in 1,000 (0.1%) identify with Jesus in any way, and no sustained Jesus movement yet.

Until God answers prayer for a Jesus movement among them, the billions born into FPGs will never

  • know a believer,
  • be prayed for by name,
  • hear the gospel, or
  • come to know the Father who longs to embrace and bless them.

Among other unreached people groups (Receptive UPGs), Acts-like Jesus movements have been multiplying exponentially in number and size since the late 1990s. Through the 24:14 Coalition and other initiatives there is increased attention on starting Jesus movements also among Frontier People Groups.

“The 31” are the largest and most influential of all Frontier People Groups, with populations ranging from nearly 10 million to 150 million. Together they contain more than one tenth of world population, and are a central focus of God’s commitment to blessing all of earth’s family lines. As Jesus movements start among these FPGs, many smaller FPGs will become more open to Jesus as well.

Informed, united prayer is the first domino in the chain of releasing God’s blessing in Jesus to multiply through the precious households of these Frontier People Groups.

This guide is your key to informed prayer.

NEED NEW VERSE! From one person God made all peoples who live on earth,
and He decided when and where every nation would be. (Acts 17:26)


God is eager to share His heart for the lost!

He loves and longs to draw all peoples to Himself!

Join the global Prayer Movement of united, informed prayer for Frontier People Groups, starting with prayer for these 31 largest groups!

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.
Invite others to join you.
See what God will do!​​

United, informed prayer is the first domino leading to Jesus movements among all FPGs.