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Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and your household or prayer group in praying for and blessing these largest of all Frontier UPGs.

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Get a Prayer Guide and Pray

Buy multiply prayer guides and encourage others to join you in prayer

Join the Movement and spread the news about FPG’s and their need for prayer…

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NEED NEW VERSE From one person God made all peoples who live on earth,
and He decided when and where every nation would be. (Acts 17:26)


God is eager to share His heart for the lost!

He loves and longs to draw all peoples to Himself!

Join the global Prayer Movement of united, informed prayer for Frontier People Groups, starting with prayer for these 31 largest groups!

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.
Invite others to join you.
See what God will do!​​

United, informed prayer is the first domino leading to Jesus movements among all FPGs.