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8. Hui in China

A people of 14 million with less than a thousand known believers


  • Population: 13,637,000

  • Christians: 0.007% – 1,000

  • Workers Needed: 273

  • Language: Chinese, Mandarin

  • Written Scripture: Complete Bible

  • Movements: None Reported

  • Religion: Islam

  • Oral Scripture: Complete Bible

Hui in China

The Hui are the largest and most widespread of China’s Muslim minorities, and are widely scattered throughout the country. Their ancestors are largely Arabs, Persians, and Mongols. One of the worst genocides in history occurred when one million Hui were massacred between 1855 and 1873. Although there are a few scattered believers, this may be the largest people group in the world without a single known fellowship of believers.

Ministry Obstacles

The Hui have a long history of strong commitment to Islam. In recent years an increasing number of Hui have traveled to Mecca for the annual Haj pilgrimage. In contradiction with the Qur’an, Islam teaches them that the Bible has been corrupted.

Outreach Opportunities

Pray for the Holy Spirit to stir many of the strong Han Chinese believers to lovingly share the gospel with the Hui households living among them.

Pray for the followers of Christ

Pray for the few Hui followers of Jesus to become effective and fruitful in sowing God’s Word among their families and communities to fuel a movement of God’s blessing spreading from household to household.

Pray for the entire people group

As the Hui read the Qur’an, pray for them to be drawn to Jesus the Messiah (Isa al Masih in the Qur’an). Pray for dreams and visions of Jesus to stir Hui households with a hunger to study the Bible together and obey what they learn. Pray not only for a gospel movement among the Hui, but for the Hui to birth gospel movements among many other Chinese minorities.

Scripture focus

“On this mountain [the Lord Almighty] will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations; God will swallow up death forever.” Isaiah 25:7–8

If you have worked with this people group, know someone who has, or have access to stories or information about this group, we would love to hear from you. More information means more focused, strategic prayer. Your personal information always will remain confidential.

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