A Stark Contrast in God's Blessing

Access to the Gospel

Among “Reached” People Groups, the gospel has had significant impact, many identify as Christian, and some openly follow Jesus.

Here, leading individuals to follow Jesus tends to make it easier to lead others to Jesus, rather than harder

Frontier People Groups live in isolation from believers, and perceive Jesus to be only for “Christian” peoples.
When individuals follow Jesus in this context, their family and community tends to put up barriers to hinder further witness.

God’s Spiritual and Material Blessing

God blessed the first family (Gen 1), then promised to bless all of earth’s families through Abraham’s seed (Gen 12:1–3).

This blessing is not just for individuals or families, but whole family lines—clans, tribes, peoples and nations. Jesus commissioned us to carry this blessing to every nation—teaching them loving obedience to him (Mt 28:18–20).

Over the centuries—especially in recent decades—many nations have been transformed by the blessing of God through Jesus. Yet one-fourth of the world still lives largely isolated from this blessing.

The Believer’s Experience

Those who know Jesus—now about 10% of the world—live mostly:

  • in relationship with others who know Jesus (bright yellow),
  • in contact with other “Christians” (paler yellow) and
  • praying for non-Christians in their own people group.

The FPG Experience

To preserve their identity as a people, FPGs often isolate themselves from outside influences, including the gospel. And when outsiders win individuals to Jesus away from FPG families and communities, FPGs strengthen their resolve to “protect” the rest of their people from such outside influences. Thus they have almost no contact with believers.

God’s Spiritual and Material Blessing

God has decreed that, before His return, some generation of His people will remedy this situation (Matthew 24:14).

Will we be that generation? Will our prayers open the doors for Jesus movements among Frontier People Groups?