About Frontier People Groups:

Frontier People Groups (FPGs) are the subset of Unreached People Groups (UPGs):

with no known gospel movements as evidenced by 0.1% or less Christian Adherents.

Frontier People Groups contain the one quarter of humanity that has yet to experience the first fruits of God’s promise to bless all the family lines of earth (Gen 12:3).

FPGs represent 70% of UPGs by count, and 60% by population.

Half the population of all FPGs lives in the largest 31 FPGs (over 10 million in population). These 31 groups contain more than 10% of the world’s population.

90% of the population of all Frontier People Groups (one fifth of world population) lives in the 400 largest FPGs (over half a million in population).

The 31 are Influential

These larger FPGs have great influence over the many smaller UPGs and FPGs. Prayer for these 31 groups will indirectly extend God’s blessing to a much larger portion of the world. 

Historically the gospel has spread primarily through non-believing families observing and being invited to share God’s blessing through believing households within their own people group. Families within FPGs have no such opportunity. The Bible describes such peoples as without God and without hope (Eph 2:12).

Presently, the population of Frontier People Groups described by Eph 2:12 is growing steadily.


What are Frontier People Groups (FPG’s)? 

Frontier People Groups (FPG’s) are those that are less than 1/10th of 1% Christian*.
And as far as we know, no gospel movement is multiplying God’s blessing among them (yet). 

Until God intervenes, the families in all of these FPGs will live and die … 

without ever knowing a believer
without ever being prayed for by name
without knowing the Father who longs to embrace and bless them 

And God is intervening…
Among other unreached people groups, Acts-like gospel movements have been doubling in number and size every five years since the late 1990s.
Global networks are now focusing prayer on these 31 largest Frontier People Groups, each of which influences many other people groups. 

*As reported in the local government census 

Why these 31 largest Frontier People Groups (FPG’s)? 

These 31 largest FPGs contain HALF the population of all Frontier People Groups. 

One in four people in the world (25%) lives in a Frontier Unreached People Group (FPG), where:

  • less than one person in a thousand (0.1%) identifies publicly with Jesus, and
  • there is not yet a sustained gospel movement among that people group.

Great Commission Update: Understanding the Remaining Task 

Where are we at with the Great Commission? How many people are left to be reached? What are Frontier People Groups, and why are they important?
This six minute overview offers guidance to mission prayer, partners, and strategy.