Prayer Movements

Reaching the Unreached
Prayer that Empowers Missions 


This video is designed to inspire local church’s to engage in reaching the unreached, and galvanize for the existing mission workers/movements, the importance of unity, and solidarity with the “prayer movement”, as well as starting/building on a prayer/worship foundation, in order to “ekballo” to the nations.

Prayer Movements: Then and Now



Following Jesus’ command, the first 120 disciples sought God together daily for the promised Holy Spirit until He came. Their answered prayers emboldened and empowered their witness, and launched the fulfillment of Jesus’ commission to bless all nations—discipling all nations to lovingly obey Him.

girl seated praying

1727 Moravian Prayer

A small band of Moravian refugees sought the Lord together until the Holy Spirit fell again. The prayer chain that resulted continued around the clock for 100 years, thrusting laborers into the global harvest and laying the seeds for William Carey, the conversion of John Wesley, and the Great Awakening.


1806 Haystack Prayer

Five students praying outdoors for revival were caught by a rainstorm. They took refuge under the edge of a haystack, where the Holy Spirit impressed them to take the gospel to the least evangelized parts of the world. The resulting movement multiplied protestant laborers 10-fold and greatly accelerated the spread of the gospel.


1980s Prayer for the Unreached & 10/40 Window

As the global Church was awakened to the reality of thousands of Unreached People Groups with very few believers, sustained prayer led to a continuing series of gospel movement breakthroughs which are multiplying to this day, yielding nearly 50 million new disciples by the end of 2017, and another 20 million in 2018!


2019 Prayer for the Frontier People Groups

Prayer network and mission leaders are awakening to the injustice that one fourth of the world live in Frontier People Groups (FPGs)—where less than one in a thousand (0.1%) identify with Jesus in any way—yet most laborers work where the gospel is already bearing fruit. 


Join the Prayer Movement Today!

Join the prayer movement for gospel movements among the 31 largest FPGs.


Join global prayer networks in praying for gospel movements to sow God’s blessing among the thirty-one largest Frontier People Groups.

Gospel movements are the primary way the spread of the gospel catches up with and exceeds population growth.
Informed prayer is the first domino behind every gospel movement.
This Prayer Guide will inform your prayers and lead you into sharing Father God’s heart for the perishing.
Offer Jesus thirty-one days (or more) of praying for gospel movements among these overlooked people groups.
Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Invite others to join you. See what God will do!

United, informed prayer is the first domino leading to gospel movements among Frontier People Groups.