Ministries behind this Prayer Guide

When prayer network leaders learned that half the population of all Frontier People Groups live in just the largest 31 groups, they sensed the Lord saying:

31 is a good number for a prayer guide.

Through collaboration the first edition of this prayer guide was on its way to the printer just forty days after this prayer guide was first conceived.

This current (second) edition is the fruit of collaboration among these organizations:

Draw closer to the heart of God!

Join in praying for gospel movements to sow God’s blessing among the 31 largest Frontier People Groups.
(That’s one in every ten people alive today!)

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Why this Prayer Guide?
Prayer—the focus of this booklet—is the first step toward releasing God’s blessing in Jesus to the FPGs

This Prayer Guide was a collaborative effort by a bunch of prayer warriors and missions leaders from the following organizations precious families in these Frontier People Groups. 

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Partners & Contributors 

24:14 Coalition International

Prayer Connect 

24:14 Inherit the Nations

Alliance for the Unreached

Ethnê Movement

Fellowship of Prayer Strategists

Frontier Ventures 


Global Prayer Digest


Great Commission Community 

International Prayer Council

Joshua Project

Light of the World Prayer Center

Mission Network/


Telos Fellowship

The Seed Company/Pray for Zero InternationalOrality Network
and many others …